Philadelphia car crash: Get help from an injury attorney

by Jaxton Ibrahim

An unfortunate and sudden car crash can leave you grappling with losses and serious injuries. When it comes to auto accidents, Pennsylvania is both a fault and no-fault state. This is unique compared to other states that usually follow one rule. If you had purchased a no-fault insurance policy, you would typically file a claim with your insurer. In the case of full tort insurance, you can sue the other driver, but there are things to consider. If you sustained injuries in a car crash, consider talking to one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys at the earliest. Here’s more on how an attorney can help. 

  1. Knowing the worth of your claim. Before you file a claim with the insurance company, an attorney can evaluate the worth of your losses. Even in the case of third-party claims, one can only recover the economic damages. In other words, Pennsylvania’s auto insurance system is complicated, and instead of guessing your options, consider speaking to a lawyer. 
  2. Find more about fault rules. Pennsylvania follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you were more than 50% at fault for the crash, you cannot sue the other party. In case of minor fault, your fault percentage will determine what you get from the settlement. Insurance companies will try their best to pass the blame on you, which is also why you need to get a lawyer on your side. 
  3. Take action within time. Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations allows you to file an auto accident lawsuit within two years from the accident date. As you pursue the insurance claim and negotiate a settlement, the clock continues to tick. If you hire a lawyer, they will work on the case keeping all aspects in consideration, including the possibility of a lawsuit. 
  4. Negotiate better. It is no secret that the claims adjuster will never offer a fair settlement. They will do their best to minimize the liability of the insurance company. An attorney can definitely use their skills and experience to negotiate a better settlement. They can also ensure that you don’t end up giving a statement under pressure. 
  5. Reduce your stress. There’s no denying that filing and winning a car accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania can be a long battle. If you don’t want to deal with everything on your own, consider talking to a lawyer who can reduce the burden of the paperwork and handle other key aspects. 

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