All You Should Know About Cisco Bluetooth Headset

by Jaxton Ibrahim

Cisco Bluetooth headsets are essential in that they improve the way people communicate. That’s because they answer the phone in real-time. Cisco Bluetooth Headset is the way to go for those who want to keep up with the trending technology.

Cisco cooperation is a successful telephone company that has incorporated the use of telephone headsets in their main Cisco communicator softphones excellently. Examples of these softphones are the Cisco IP and Cisco’s basic softphones. Various headphones can work well with cisco telephones. But the key to getting the best headphones to use with your cisco telephone is getting the ideal direct connect cable or amplifier.

So, the next time you are out shopping for a Cisco Bluetooth headset in your favorite store, give the cisco head for cisco phones a try.

Let’s look at the various types of Cisco headsets:

Types of Cisco Headsets

1) Wireless Headsets:

You can wear Cisco wireless in many different styles thanks to Cisco’s business-grade model headsets. They also come equipped with different talk-times, or battery life, with different battery strength as well as innovative features. The distance and talk time required to cater to your needs will have everything you require for basic usage of your Cisco headsets once you’ve chosen the model of your choice.

On past cisco phones, you will have to operate all your calls from your phone. This includes turning on the headsets for individual calls and using the start or end button to get back to your phone. However, to enhance your experience with wireless headsets significantly, most buyers acquire an EHS cable to ease the call-making process, the call handling process, as well as storing battery and remote capabilities of your wireless headset.

On the other hand, more recent cisco headsets come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port, which are built into your phone. This means it isn’t mandatory to have a secondary EHS cable or remote capabilities filter. This is considering that with the latest cisco Bluetooth headsets, these features are now included in your phone.

2) Wired Headsets

Business-class cisco wired is available in varying wearing styles and innovative specifications. That said, you can choose the style and specs that best suit your needs and personal preferences. Furthermore, wired cisco headsets come equipped with a quick disconnect connecting to a direct connect dial cable or amplifier. These two features are found at the end of your wired headset cord. Several more current Cisco phone models are now compatible with headphones that support USB connections.

Several direct connect cables, each compatible with specific phones, are also available in their numbers. The best audio that is more universal and diverse is provided by amplifiers. Amplifiers also enable customization in microphones as well as speaker volumes.

 Types of Headsets Compatible with Cisco Phones

There are numerous wireless headset models which you can choose to use with your Cisco phone. There are also numerous contrasting makes and functionality for you to choose from. Commercial grade headsets, wireless to be precise, are purchased as a complete unit. This includes the base or charger, the headset, and the A/C adapter. If you want the capability to receive and hang up calls remotely, you have the option of purchasing a handset lifter or electronic hookswitch cable or EHS.

However, the latest cisco phones have the capability of operating remotely without needing any secondary lifters or USB cables. When you aren’t using your headset, the base, or charger command capabilities, microphone volume, speaker volume, take on the role of the charger. Power, charging, and other features are highlighted by led lights located at the bottom of your headset.

Remote Receiving and Hang-up for Wireless Headsets

Aside from giving you freedom and having the option of a handset lifter or EHS cable, wireless headsets enable greater productivity by making it possible for you to pick and hang up calls remotely. Both these features will sense when a call comes in and beep, therefore notifying you in real-time of the call coming in.

These features also enable you to simply dial the call button and answer the call directly from your headset. After finishing the call, you just have to dial the connect button again to hang up. Other functions like making a call and transferring a call have to be done from your phone. Many phones are compatible with the headphone lifter, which is responsible for lowering or elevating your telephone’s handset. This mimics you answering a call.

The EHS accomplishes the same thing on more recent phones by electronically operating calls. It does this without the physical movement of your handset or mechanical motor. Productivity is also significantly enhanced by your ability to answer calls remotely. You can answer calls conveniently without being confined to your desk because you can answer remotely.

 Answering remotely also allows you to pick calls that would otherwise have gone to voicemail. Operating a phone remotely saves you a considerable amount of time that would have been wasted exchanging a handset between colleagues.

Wired Headsets and How They Work With Cisco Phones

Most Cisco phones utilize a headset and an amplifier concurrently. A connected cable that works directly is also vital in these phones. That said, there are two types of setups in regards to these headsets. These are the typical setup that primarily uses an amplifier and the typical setup which uses a direct connect cable.

In the typical setup using an amplifier, the amplifier will be connected to the headphone with the headset entry on your phone. This setup isn’t convenient, considering you are forced to get out your handset for every call.

On the other hand, the typical setup which uses a direct connect cable is more convenient and sophisticated than the latter type. This is because, with this type of setup, you don’t have to remove your phone to talk. This is because you can receive a call from your headset by a dial of a button.


In conclusion, Cisco headsets are a vital tool that eases the way we communicate. This is due to their ability to answer your phone in real-time while on the move, which these gadgets make possible.

Get your Cisco Bluetooth headphones now and talk away, in style.

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