How Web hosting Essential for Improved Page Load Speed

by Jaxton Ibrahim

When search engines made page load speed a primary ranking factor for websites, it became a hot topic in the SEO community to discuss and enforce. Page speed is something that normally emerges as the main subject to address for both webmasters and web hosting firms, whether it’s about SEO or user experience. A fast page speed helps websites in a variety of ways.

Since page speed is an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, it can affect a website’s search engine rankings. Even though the data available to support this theory yields mixed results, webmasters conclude that page load speed is only a minor ranking factor.

Why is web hosting essential for improved page load speed?

People who are unfamiliar with the term do not need to be very professional to operate their website. The page speed is determined by the availability and capability of the remote web server.

·        Source code execution is improved:

To make a single webpage, a web server must execute thousands of lines of code, regardless of the programming language used. The longer it takes the web server to execute all of this code, the longer it takes for the website to load.

·        Improves database queries execution:

Any CMS-based website code would have to run database queries to retrieve webpage content from a database, so a capable web server is always in demand. To make a single page, a WordPress website can issue over 100 database queries at once.

·        Server file execution is improved:

A typical webpage necessitates the web server serving hundreds of files, such as photos, CSS, JavaScript, and so on. The quicker the server makes them, the faster the browser loads the web page.

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