Cardboard Boxes – The Most Popular Type of Packaging

by Jaxton Ibrahim

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated cardboard boxes, mostly used for commercial purpose and can be reused too. Cardboard Boxes are of numerous types and sizes, made from various materials. Cardboard Boxes are usually manufactured at the same place where they are stored. The large varieties of Cardboard Boxes and their uses can be available at local warehouses or some leading stockless stores. Cardboard Boxes are commonly used in all kinds of industries to keep the finished products safe and protected.

Cardboard Boxes are used as boxes that can be stacked up or down and still maintain its compact shape. There is not much space to store things and Cardboard Boxes make the best choices. The main reason for using Cardboard Boxes is that they are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of Cardboard Boxes are paperboard but some come in paperboard coated as well. Cardboard Boxes are widely used because of its superior durability and superior thermal qualities that ensure long lasting performance.

Cardboard Boxes are made of multi layered cardboard and are therefore durable. Cardboard Boxes are popular worldwide for its thermal properties and because of its amazing resistance to fire. Many industries including the plastic industry also use Cardboard Boxes for packaging. Cardboard Boxes are also widely used as envelopes and for storing newspapers and other reading materials. These Cardboard Boxes are also known as bubble wraps and they are made of special quality thermal resistant papers.

Cardboard Boxes are made of high-density polyethylene and are hence cost effective. Most of the Cardboard Boxes are designed as custom boxes for shipping and bubble envelopes. These boxes come with laminated paperboard on the outer surface and also have foil on three layers. This allows the box to be transparent thus allowing you to see the contents easily. This makes the packaging of Cardboard Boxes easy and fast. Cardboard Boxes are also popular as tumblers for packing toys and chocolates.

Cardboard Boxes have a special lamination process by which they get laminated on the outside. After this process, the lamination is peeled off from the top layer and the bottom layer. The result is a cardboard box that is free of paperboard and has now become a thin, light-weight corrugated cardboard boxes. These corrugated cardboard boxes are excellent for shipping purposes, packaging fragile items and are also used for home purpose like CD sleeves and DVD sleeves.

A wide range of Cardboard Boxes are available in the market for different types of products. Cardboard Boxes for packaging different types of goods are available in varying sizes and shapes. The most common ones are those used for packing peanuts, almonds and other nuts. Corrugated cardboard boxes can also be used for wrapping gift items, flowers and other packets.

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