Step-by-Step Guide to Hire Movers

by Jaxton Ibrahim

Moving can be quite stressful and overwhelming experience. You can make this process easy by hiring professional moving services. A DIY move will prove cheaper but hiring of moving services can lessen the stress and moreover movers are well trained in packing and there are very less chances of your things getting damaged. But selecting movers in Toronto Ontario can also prove nerve-wrecking and stressful especially if you are hiring movers for the first time.

Here is a step-by-step guide to hire a good moving company:

  1. Get Recommendations: If you try to find reputed and affordable movers online, you will find many of them but the best way is to ask friends and relatives as these will be the recommendations you can trust the most. You may get names of a couple of moving companies which many people have hired for their move. You may also get valuable information about companies that need to be avoided. If you come to know of reputed movers near me in Toronto ON through recommendations, book them quickly to avoid last minute hiring as best movers get hired faster.
  2. Flexibility: It is better if the movers in Toronto Ontario are comfortable to fit you for flexible dates. It will be convenient for you in case you are not shifting on the first of a month. Moreover, you should book the mover well in advance so that the company can adjust you for flexible dates. It will also help you to move on a weekday instead of weekend which is comparatively expensive.
  3. Rates: Charging per hour is the general practice of most movers in Toronto Ontario, so the final rate can be little higher or lower than the quoted price. They may also ask number of people in the house, number of heavy items to be moved or how many staircase they will need to climb to reach the new house and the final rate will depend on that also. If you are shifting across the country, then it is important to ask them if travel time is also included in price. Before finalizing the moving company, you should clear everything about pricing. Don’t forget to ask if they will charge extra in special circumstances like they might have to climb stairs if the use of elevator for heavy items is not allowed.
  4. Deposit and Payment Method: After you have confirmed everything like credential and legalities, price etc. it is time to ask if the movers charge any deposit. Most of the reputed movers in Toronto Ontario do not ask for any deposit in advance. Generally all the movers in Toronto prefer cash payment but you should ask what mode of payment will suit them. Paying by credit card is safer than cash.
  5. Insurance Policy: Ask the movers in Toronto area about their insurance policy. Select a moving company only after confirming they confirm about insurance of you and your items. It means if anything is damaged or lost during the move, the moving company will be paying the damages.

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