Finding the Best Rye Whiskies and Oak Barrels

by Jaxton Ibrahim

Rye whisky lovers, are you looking for a great new gift idea for your loved one(s)? Or maybe you just want to try rye for yourself but you are not quite sure how to go about doing so. Either way, if you are unsure about the best way to go about buying the best whiskey for yourself, we’re here to help! In this article we will go over a number of great tips to help you choose the best rye whisky for your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those questions: What rye whiskey is worth the money that you plan on spending on it? Is there such a thing as a “best” rye whisky, or even a “typical” rye whiskey? What does the “best” rye whiskey look like? Is there such a thing as a good “flavoured” rye whiskey? We will answer all of these and more!

First, just what is it that makes up the best rye whisky? As was mentioned above, rye whiskies are crafted from several different types of wheat berries, as well as from different herbs, roots and fruits. They also contain different levels of cereal rye grain, which can make for a varied taste. What you really want is a rye whisky with a distinct taste, aroma and strength level–that is what sets these whiskies apart. You’ll find that there are some truly exceptional rye whiskies on the market today, and luckily, you’re going to find them!

If you are looking to purchase a best rye whisky, our best advice is to purchase one online, from a distiller who has produced an outstanding product using high-quality rye grains. Look for an article content about each individual distiller in this category. Distillers who have won medals for their rye barley whisky offerings are the best options, since they have spent time and effort to create a high-quality product. There are many award-winning American and Australian companies creating award-winning rye whiskeys, so take your pick!

As far as the taste of the finished product, it all boils down to two things–the age of the distillation, as well as the quality of the yeast used in the maturation process. The older the rye is when it is bottled, the better it will be overall, so do not be afraid to pay more for a young rye. The higher the percentage of young yeast in the mix, the fuller the taste and aroma will be. And, as far as the yeast itself, you want something that has high quality (commercial grade), but minimum amounts of coloring and flavoring, since these elements will interfere with the overall palate enjoyment.

Finally, another important factor in evaluating rye whiskies is the barrels in which they are stored. Again, the older the bottle, the better it will be, since the air will be able to penetrate the wood, giving it rich aroma and wonderful softness. Distilled in oak barrels, however, we find that the flavor can change quite a bit, so it really depends on your preferences. Oak barrels have an earthy aroma and a soft, velvety texture. Some people prefer the deep, rich flavor of young American oak barrels, while others prefer the subtle, lightly fruity notes of European oak barrels. No matter your personal preference, there are plenty of articles available on the web that can help you find the best rye whiskies and oak barrels to meet your criteria.

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