Top quality self-inking stamps

by Jaxton Ibrahim

In earlier days, people used to have old traditional rubber stamps with usually wooden handles and ink pads for stamping documents.

Although the traditional stamp and ink pads are still there and are likely to be there for years to come. Yet the arrival of self-inking stamps has brought a revolution in the field of stamps.

What is a self-inking stamp?

self inking stamp can be described as an automatic traditional rubber stamp placed in a spring-loaded stamp body that rotates on a built-in ink pad which is meant to re-ink the stamp itself to produce numerous quality impressions.

The users select their specific and personalized die which is made with real rubber and mounted on the ink stamps.  When pressed from the top, a self inking stamp works in a very simple fashion by retracting back and forth against the built-in internal ink pad, attached to the stamp.

The internal ink pad, if required can be replaced when you find that impressions are weak or fade away soon or for changing the color of ink.  You can have a good quality self-inking stamp with blue, black, or red inks, and accordingly, the same body color of the stamp body is given to the stamp.  These self-inking stamps are easy to refill or replaced and do not need stamp pads.

A self-inking stamp is more likely to produce the best results when fonts are bold. The font size may be small, medium, or large and can be made in rectangular or round shapes and in customized sizes.

Difference between self-inking and pre-inked stamps

Along with self-inking stamps, you can also find pre-inked stamps in the market which do not use rubber die and flash your personalize information into an ink-filled container placed within the stamp that allows ink droplets to seep through the impression area.

On the other hand, the self inking stamp transfers ink from an inner pad to produce a good clear impression on paper. The impression may be sharp and crisp but a pre-inked stamp is costlier than a self-inking stamp.

Advantages of a self-inking stamp

Considered economical and equally impressive, a self-inking stamp is:

  • Ideal for stamping in quick succession with just a simple press
  • Perfect for rapid and repetitive stamping
  • Sturdy enough to handle rough and heavy use
  • Suitable for a variety of inks that may be used for periodic re-inking
  • Capable of creating thousands of impressions  with just one ink pad before needing re-inking
  • Convenient for users to re-fill ink on their own
  • Extremely affordable and reliable for making a good quality impression

Moreover, using a self inking stamp assures a clean area as its built-in or inclusive ink pad retracts back immediately into the stamp automatically.  Since no ink pad is used, a self-inking stamp allows you to keep your work space tidy, neat, and organized. Being compact as compared to traditional stamp, self-inking stamp occupies less space and hence space saver too.

Self-inking stamps are made from durable materials and can be strong enough to allow you frequent use on all kinds of surfaces.

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