How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaner

by Jaxton Ibrahim

If you have ever wondered how to keep your swimming pool clean all through? Then know that you have to invest in a useful tool. Smart tools save your time, money, water and reduce chemical usage. They will help you understand how to clean a green swimming pool. There are many cleaning tools in the market, but choosing one might turn out to be the greatest challenge.

In this article, you will get the tips to consider while purchasing your preferred tool. Let’s check them out!

Horse length

An excellent cleaning tool should have a long horse length to enable you to reach the other side of the pool. Some devices are perfect for cleaning, but they get disadvantaged by the horse length. Inquire with the supplier if it is possible to get a replacement for your shortened horse length. A useful tool should have a long horse to exceed the pool by five to ten feet.


Price plays a significant role in any business in existence. Don’t get confused or swayed by lies that expensive tools are perfect in-service delivery. Some pool cleaning tools are highly overpriced. It’s excruciating when you fall under the victims who buy inferior tools at a very high price.

Ability to climb steps and walls

Some cleaning tools are not flexible enough to climb the swimming pool walls and steps. When you buy them, you will have to look for other options to remove debris and other dirt from the walls. You will have to brush the steps and walls weekly if you opt for a tool that only cleans the bottom of the pool.

Always check the product specs on the product’s container. You can also check online reviews about the specific tool in mind.


Different companies produce cleaning tools that make various end products with unique qualities. The right cleaning product should last for a long time. You can know if a product is durable by looking at the warranty offer. More extended warranties say the company expects the device to last.

You can tell the life expectancy of a tool through reviews about it. If it’s not long-lasting, customers will raise complaints.

Pool covers

Some pools have covers that make it hard for some tools to work efficiently on them. It’s essential to check if the device can work on a covered pool before you buy it.

Adjustable tools

You should adjust the pool cleaner to suit your pool’s size and shape. Achieve this by adjusting incoming water pressure and hose buoyancy.


Having a backyard swimming pool is a good investment. It gives your family better swimming pool service over the years. Having correct tools for cleaning will maintain a sparkling clean pool. You will spend more time swimming than cleaning.

The above information clearly shows what you need to understand about a tool before you buy it. Ensure your devices give you the desired services.

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