The history behind baccarat

by Jaxton Ibrahim

If  you go through history, you will get to know that, one of the oldest casino game is baccarat. That means that, when you are playing Baccarat UFA (บาคาร่ายูฟ่า),  you are playing one of the oldest game. As per the history, there is a story that talks about this game which is very interesting and it is able to date back several years back.

Baccarat was in play way back in 1490AD. The word baccarat means zero and it is from the Italian language. It is a game which was contrived on the base of two stories that are quite interesting to read. In the first story, there is an Italian gambler who happened to be the main character. In the other story, it is more of mythology.

As per the story, which is one that is based on the mythology, an old Etruscan ritual that had 9 gods was out to seal the fate of an ash blonde vestal which was to be revealed. They had to wait anxiously for your destine to be able to get disclosed. The gods were able to utilize a nine sided roll die to come up with her fate.

The fate depended on the number where the die landed. With the blonde being a virgin, there were three option of fates that would befall her. If it landed on the numbers 8 or 9, then she automatically became a priestess. If the numbers the die landed on were 6 or 7, it meant that the virgin became an outcast. She was to be prohibited from all activities that were sacred from that day henceforth. The numbers which were less than 6 would mean that she was full of bad luck and thus, had to walk through the sea until she perished.

There tends to be certain confusion regarding the origin of the game. From part of the history, it is a game which was created in Italy, but as per the second, the game was created in France. Majority of people tend to believe that baccarat was based on Felix Falguirerein, an Italian gambler. In the 1490AD, he utilized a deck of the tarot cards. The tarot cards have been used by people in predicting the fate of a person for a long time.

In the past, it was only the noblemen and baronial that was allowed to lay the game in privacy. The baccarat was banned during those days. Meanwhile, in France, it was legalized and the law was approved which they started to tax the winnings. They utilized the cash in areas which were poor of the country so that they got developed. It was later on when the Napoleon banned the game during his reign but again, it still became legal during his reign, being played in casinos.

The baccarat became quite famous. People throughout Europe utilized the game play and it made its popularity to circulate past the Europe continent. According to history, it reveals that baccarat was among the first casino game to be played in South America

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